The Sheikh Zayed Fund, as a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi State Development Agency, is interested in creating an innovative bridge of cooperation between the United Arab Emirates and Russia plus the CIS countries.

Incubated startups will have access to the global innovation ecosystem of the United Arab Emirates, where they will be able to interact with corporate and government partners, innovators, and investment funds. These opportunities will enable startups to increase their commercial appeal, facilitate entry into the Middle East market and attract new investors.

Adam Cherkhigov
CEO of Zayed Fund for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

What projects are we looking for?





AI Solutions






Data analytics

What you get?

Deep study of business processes with mentors and trackers of the acceleration program

Expert consultations with leading industry experts

Networking and exchange of experience with other projects

Improving public speaking skills

Media coverage of startups

Acceleration program stages

  • Stage 1

    Applications are open from 01/24/2022 to 02/20/2022 inclusive


  • Stage 2

    Analysis and selection 02/21/2022 - 02/27/2022


  • Stage 3

    Announcement of participants 28.02.2022


  • Stage 4

    Conducting the program 01.03.2022 - 23.05.2022


  • Stage 5

    Demo Day - Presentation of projects - 24.05.2022



Accelerator in numbers


Years of work


Educational activities


Experts and mentors


Selected startups



Multimedia interactive theme parks under subscription fee. Franchise.


Pair any food/grocery delivery app with our Saas platform and earn passive income for displaying out-of-home location-based advertising on delivery mans. BANTgo rewards consumers for recycling their plastics and e-waste by tokens promotes the flagship product directly to eaters.

Open source ERP for facility management and apps for residents and emploees

Ireg. Software for international copyright registration. We help entrepreneurs and businesses obtain legal documents for their intellectual property prior patent and trademark pending with AI assistant.

Digital sales consultants for offline and online businesses.


The system consists of an All-weather UAV and an IT platform that allows performing specialized functions in the seaport using UAVs for different customers. Security monitoring, environmental control of ships in the roadstead, inventory and cargo delivery to ships, etc.

SR Satellites is a private space technology company that is the competence center of the Success Rockets ecosystem for the development, production and operation of small spacecraft, including the creation and deployment of space groups based on them.


RevGames - gamification of loyalty programs. Games are a new way to communicate and entertain the client.


Investment platform for attracting crypto assets to innovative projects of the city

Refin.Online is a one-stop-shop mortgage management service. With us, our clients control their mortgages easily and online: they can switch the bank, reduce the payment, shorten or lengthen the period, thereby reducing the overpayment. Our clients rely on us and use our services during the entire mortgage life cycle.


Dailo — the tool to create any speech simulations with an AI companion to practice communicating.

Online University of Lifelong Edutainment for children and adults. MPV: the educational program on Space Robotics for K12 (10+ y.o.)


OctaZone - a subscription-based mobile fitness application that helps people make their lives less stressful and longer through regular fitness workouts. With us people lose weight, stay in shape and gain muscle mass. Our non-market competitive advantage is the undefeated UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov as a business owner, partner, brand ambassador, and athlete who shows how to exercise properly. The user trains together with Khabib himself in his device

A technology company that develops and manufactures devices to protect the health of customers and companies. Our products help to disinfect items and air, help to maintain healthcare and increase customer loyalty.

We create fashion accessories for people with lower limb prostheses


Our equipment separates oil products from the natural environment (water, soil, sand), adapts to the Customer’s natural conditions and is optimal in price. Our proposed equipment has the following advantages: Cleans oil from almost all kinds of natural environment, including salt water; Has an internal water cycle, does not use surfactants; Has low revolutions of operating mechanisms (max. 20 rpm/min) and relatively low temperature in the process (60-70 Celsius); No filter replacement needed for the whole operation time (20 000h). Filters are washed out periodically with reverse current; Can return up to 98% of the lost petroleum products and able to use it in a technological cycle. Works effectively in different climatic conditions, is able to adapt to different temperatures; Has low price and operational labor costs.

Zion is a new era in organic agriculture, it is innovative plant nutrition. We are introducing a completely new way to supply plants with nutrients they need to thrive. Moreover, it is absolutely safe for the family and the environment. Zion works by plant "request": releases particular nutrients to the soil depending on the phase of the plant growth. Just like a food delivery, your plant will get everything it wants and when it wants. The technology dramatically improves harvest, reduces different risks that lead to plant death, and simplifies the entire nutrition process. Does not contain pesticides, herbicides, growth accelerators and phytohormones.

Data analytics

Modular Big data platform

AI Solutions

DRIVECAST is a young computer vision technology company, and its products include Personalized AR graphics for real-time mass broadcasts, industrial security, and remote presence systems, as well as Hybrid Metaverses and customizable interactions with the environment (also NFT-based).

Droneport Hive is a software and hardware system designed to automate drone flights, collect data, provide live broadcasts with AI features.

Avatar is a virtual employee with lively emotions. It can work automatically using artificial intelligence or be remotely controlled by a person. Avatar doesn't get sick, quit, or go on vocation. The virtual employee can be a hostess, cashier, or consultant and performs at stands, terminals, applications, video messengers.

Omnichannel platform for automating communications with customers at the point of sale and collecting audience data

CraftTalk offers an integrated AI-powered solution for customer service and internal processes automation leading to increased cost efficiency and enabling the highest quality of service. The solution serves both: communications with clients (contact center, sales) and internal business processes (HR, Helpdesk).


Leading Russian manufacturer of reverse vending machines and disinfection equipment. We develop and help companies implement technologies to achieve sustainable development goals.

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